Why What You Drink Can Sabotage Your Diet?

Written by Donna

Donna Jones is a retired fitness instructor and researcher with years of experience in the health industry.

You wouldn’t think that what you drink throughout the day would affect your weight all that much but if you take a real close look you will see that it can and does!  Do this little experiment and you will see what I am talking about; don’t drink anything but water for one whole day, that’s right only water, you can add fresh lemon or lime if you want but nothing else.  Do you think you’re eating habits would change by drinking only water?  Do you think you would eat more or less or differently?  I think you will be surprised.

There are studies out there and if you watch a certain Dr. show you will know that people that tend to lean towards sweet drinks such as soda tend to eat or snack more during the day.  The reason for this is that you end up craving something salty to wash down the sweetness of the drink.  Also, if you look at a normal can of soda there are 150 calories PER CAN!  If you drink nothing but soda all day long you will have used up close to or over half of the 2500 calorie daily allowance!

Does that surprise you?  Just think of how many calories you can save just by changing this one bad habit!  Not everyone drinks enough water anyway and most of the time when you are feeling down and tired and like you are dragging it’s because you are dehydrated.  Caffeine in colas, coffee and energy drinks actually dehydrate your body.  Not to mention, most energy drinks are 2-3 servings per can or bottle so if you are drinking 1-3 a day think about the calories you are consuming!

Now we are going to talk about alcohol. Yes, it does have calories and the sweeter the drink the more calories, beer alone has plenty, mixed drinks even more.  I personally am not a drinker but do have one now and again, but there are those that drink their wine daily or at least with dinner, and while red wine does have its benefits, and I hear even beer can help with kidney stones, everything in moderation is the best way to think.  You have seen plenty of people with beer bellies so just keep that in mind when you are at a party and getting your drink on.  Not to mention the aftereffects, I don’t know of anyone who enjoys a hangover.

I think you will notice when you try this water experiment you will find you feel fuller faster, you won’t be as tired or edgy or feel like you are dragging through the day, you will eat less or snack less and will feel all over much better for it!  Sticking to it might be hard, but if you can it will do you a world of good! I am NOT a water drinker at all!  But I have found a recipe for infused water that I find delicious, look up infused water online and I think you too will enjoy it, especially on a hot summer’s day!


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