Is Going On a Detox Diet Plan a Good Idea?

Written by Donna

Donna Jones is a retired fitness instructor and researcher with years of experience in the health industry.

The theory behind a detox diet plan is that our bodies and organs accumulate toxins through years of eating the wrong foods, breathing in polluted areas and drinking water which have chemicals in them. By going on a detox diet, we’ll be able to flush out the nasty toxins and rid our body of them.

Is this theory valid? Unfortunately, it is. There are several negative effects of having toxins build up in our body. Skin that ages faster, cellulite, headaches, constant fatigue and aches are all symptoms of toxic build up in your body.

Therefore, it is an excellent idea to go on a detox diet plan for a few days before embarking on a weight loss program. The fat in your body is filled with toxins. Fat binds the toxins in your body to keep you safe.

Once you go on a detox diet, you’ll flush your body of toxins and it will be much easier to burn the fat. A detox diet plan can last for 3 days up to 7 days. A detox plan is not meant to be long term and it’s not meant for fat loss. It’s to detoxify your body.

So what is a detox diet plan like?

Before going on a detox diet plan, you should be aware that not all plans are created equal. Some are too strict and torturous to the point that they are not advisable. You need to do due diligence and see if the plan you are embarking on is sensible and not unbearable.

There are several examples of detox diets.

One method is to only consume 1 particular type of fruit for a period of 3 days. You are not allowed to eat anything else but that one fruit. You will also need to drink copious amounts of water with some lemon juice squeezed into it.

During a detox diet, it is advised that you only consume distilled water. You will have to drink about 64 ounces a day.

There are several detox diets that can be found online using Google search. Listing out all the detox plans is beyond the scope of this article. However, what I wish to impress upon you is that detox diets are good for you.

Embark on a simple 3 day program and enjoy the benefits of a healthier body. If a detox diet plan seems too harsh, you may wish to slowly detoxify yourself over a long period of time. You will eat only single ingredient foods such as broccoli, chicken breast, carrots, etc.

These are foods that are not processed and don’t have preservatives added to them. Steam your food and eat while hot. The less salt and artificial seasoning you use, the better. The theory behind this is simple.

If you stop overloading your body with toxins from bad food choices, over time your body will automatically cleanse itself of toxins. This method is not hard and it’s easier to follow.

You will need to change your eating habits and constantly think about how to eat healthy. In the beginning, this will not be easy. But with time, it will come naturally and the results will amaze you. You will feel so good that you will adopt healthy eating for life.


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