11 Fundamental Fat Loss Factors You Must Follow

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Everyday thousands of people tell themselves that they will start losing weight and get fit. Everyday thousands of other people give up on their fat loss quests with regret and frustration. In fact, the number one New Year’s Day resolution is to lose weight. It is also the first resolution that people give up on.

The question is… why?

The concept itself is simple. Eat less and move more. Yet why is it so difficult to do it?

In most cases, people start out on their weight loss journey all strong in spirit. But, over time the motivation wanes and once it reaches the “hard yards”, they just throw in the towel and decide that it’s just too much work.

So what would motivate them to keep going? Results If people were to see results every week, they’d be motivated to stay the course. Yet, in many cases, the results come very slowly and sometimes there is no change on the scale. This is enough to put off even the most motivated dieter.

There are several reasons why the fat is lost most slowly. The biggest reason is that people just lack the education regarding fat loss. This article will give you 10 factors you should always be mindful about .

1. Monitor your calories. You do not need to obsess about it but you must have a general idea of how many calories you are consuming, how many you are expending through exercise and how many calories you need to consume to be at a daily caloric deficit of about 500 calories.

Without knowing the numbers, you may not be at a deficit and if you’re not, you will not lose weight. Period

2. Track your progress. This is crucial. If you’re running sprinting 400 meter intervals, track your timing. Always strive to do better today than you did yesterday. As your timing improves, there is absolutely no doubt that not only are you getting fitter, but your metabolic rate has gone up and your lean muscle mass has increased.

You’d most probably have lost some weight too. Keep at it and always try to do better today than you did yesterday

3. Drink lots of water. Always make sure you are hydrated. The body needs oxygen and water to metabolize fats. Most people do not drink enough water.

Make it a point to take sips throughout the day even if you’re not feeling thirsty

4. Always train your body as a whole. Do total body workouts such as CrossFit or kickboxing. Split routines which involve training one body part or two a day is just not going to cut it. You are aiming to lose weight not become a bodybuilder.

To lose the weight… go for the full body workouts

5. Do not cut your calories too much. Many beginners make this mistake. They reduce their calories too much. Compound that with hard workouts and your body goes into shock. When that happens, your body goes into starvation mode and stops burning fat. Your metabolic rate will drop too.

So, if you’re doing lots of cardio, make sure you’re consuming enough carbs to stay within the 500-calorie deficit. You should not be at a caloric deficit of 1000 and above calories

6. Keep your diet clean. Yes, you could get your daily calories from junk food or you could get them from healthy, nutritious food. The same number of calories from both will yield a world of difference in results.

It’s not just the number of calories we should be looking at but also the nutritional value. You want to be getting all the right amount of macronutrients from healthy sources. Your proteins, fats and carbs must come from wholesome foods. If your diet is clean the fat will melt off your body in no time at all

7. Increase your protein consumption. This will make sure your muscles have the ability to recover and grow. The more muscle you have, the more calories you will burn.

Remember you can get a ton of proteins from grains, seitan, tofu, and many other non animal sources

8. Train a few times a day. This may be tough if you have a busy schedule. But if you have the time, splitting a 60-minute workout into two 30 minute sessions is extremely beneficial. If you train for 30 minutes in the morning, by late afternoon your metabolic rate will start to wane.

Do another 30 minutes and its back up into fat burning mode. Same amount of exercise but more fat burning benefits

9. Cleanse your body. It would be an excellent idea to put yourself through a 3-day detox plan to flush the toxins out of your body.

Many fitness trainers swear by this technique and say that it helps unclog all the “gunk” in your system and your body will burn off the fat faster when it’s holding on to less toxins

10. Lastly, always make sure your insulin levels are stable. Avoid going too long without food unless you’re on an intermittent fasting plan. Avoid foods that are high on the glycemic index. Avoid spiking your blood sugar levels.

Stay away from fast foods, sodas, and cheap quick foods with ingredient names you don’t understand

11. Relax more often. Stress has been shown to cause fat storage. Learn to chill and be cool as a cucumber.

Remember that stress can literally KILL you

Once you can follow the 11 tips mentioned above, the chances of you losing weight fast are much higher. They’re simple tips that make a world of difference.

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